Self-driving Shuttles Tested on Detroit Downtown Streets

By Yasmine Elamali on January 9, 2018 6:41 pm

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Polaris Industries Inc, marks the start of their testing by riding the avenues of Downtown Detroit. The corporation initiated the launch of their self-driving shuttles, where two 6-seaters were in full usage last October for the test runs.

The shuttle took employees of the Bedrock LLC for a smooth ride from the First National Building in Cadillac Square, to the Bricktown Parking Garage. The vehciles took a specifically enabled route that travelled the streets Congress, Beaubien, Monroe Ave, Farmer, and Bates.

Though the goal is to remove completely the need for assistance of a human dirver, human conductors were still present to ensure that action was taken in case of emergency system failure. The piloting was pretty safe considering the shuttle was moving at a maximum speed of 25mph.

“We’re trying to be the first self-driving vehicle that will not have a safety driver,” CEO Edwin Olson said.

“We’re learning all about the environments where customers want to operate these vehicles,” he said. “That will tell us what tricks the vehicle needs to learn next.”

Polaris built the vehicles, then May Mobility made some technological adjustments installing software and sensors, essentially teaching the shuttle to be its own driver.

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