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We provide every tool you need to create a viable and secure investment. From legal to property management, we handle it.



Instant cashflow is guaranteed from the first month onwards. Purchase the property, start collecting.


Long-term Relationship

We prepare the field for you and take care of all operations through the lifespan of your investment property.



We will guarantee your return on your investment (ROI) for a 12-month period.

Real estate has outperformed the stock market 2:1 since 2000

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How It Works

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    Whenever you’re ready click on the button below, and an advisor will help you select the perfect investment property for you so you can start building your own portfolio.

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    You receive all the contracts and legal forms by email. Once the contract is e-signed, our Transaction Coordinator will send you the wiring instructions.

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    Congratulations! You got your first passive income investment and we take care of the rest. Your rental income is wired automatically each month directly to your bank account.

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Invest, we can handle the rest

Of the roughly 1,200 properties we receive per month, fewer than 5% meet our high standards.

  • 1. We Acquire

    Our acquisition team, carefully selects the properties that fit our standards of location, profitability, and long term appreciation. We acquire properties from various sources including bank foreclosures, tax auctions, corporate assets and off-market opportunities.

  • 2. We Renovate

    We perform extensive renovations on each property we acquire. Our focus is on increasing cash flow by addressing deferred maintenance, replacing items on the tail-end of their lifespan, upgrading materials and appliances to be more resistant, and offering an appealing property that tenants will want to move into.

  • 3. We Manage

    We own and operate our property management and our team currently manages 900 units. It is a business that requires skills and diligent management, so we strongly believe that these operations have to be done in-house to retain the standard of quality we strive for. Our team of experts uses structured processes and procedures of effective management to provide you a real turnkey experience.

  • 4. You Purchase and Prosper

    When you purchase a property through us, a tenant has already been placed in the home. This means you begin to collect cash revenue on the first month. We have already done all the work for you – we acquired a property in a high-demand area, revamped it, and selected a tenant. We will continue to do the work, handling your accounting services, property management, maintenance, and legal aspects of owning a property.

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